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We have updated the premium line of candles which we can claim is the most organic candle line on the market. The purpose is to be able to commemorate the deceased loved ones without harming the environment. A large proportion of recycled materials are already used in production, and the candles are 100% recycled after use. The special feature of premium candles is that they enable better combustion and longer burning – some can burn for up to 14 days.

The ancient power of the light source is captured in the nobility of the design. Choose from a wide range of shapes, motifs, and colors.

The crystal, available in 4 colors (gray, white, red, orange) burns for 14 days.

Ornamentica 7D, available 4 motifs (angel, red rose, pink rose, the heart of roses) burns for 7 days.

Ornamentica 4D, available 4 motifs (leaves on trees, swirls) burns for 4 days.

Ornamentica LG, available in 4 motifs in 3 colors, burns for 4 days.

Elipsa Gold, available in 4 colors (rare, purple, orange, gray) burns for 4 days

Lyra Premium, available in 5 colors (gray, orange, red, purple, white) burns for 7 days.

Mega Gold, available in 3 colors (red, gray, orange) burns for 5 days

Oil cartridges, available in 3 sizes with 4 different flower motifs, burn for 3, 6, or 9 days depending on the size.